Sunday, 29 May 2016

Waverley Patchworkers Quilt Show 2016

The following photos were taken today (Sunday) at the quilt show.  They are only a fraction of the quilts on show, and I have only picked out the ones that particularly appealed to me, but that isn't to say I didn't like the rest of them!  My camera battery was going flat, and I wouldn't have been able to post all the photos here anyway.  I am sure the President of the Waverley Patchworkers Linda Steele will have more photos on her blog soon so do hop over there if you want to see more.

 Sharon remarked that this quilt looked as though the maker had found some giant ric rac!

 The embroideries in this quilt left me breathless.  Such exquisite stitching, as the sample below shows:

Waverley Patchworkers Quilt show

Waverley Patchworkers Quilt Show

The above quilt was one of several in the show that used felt for the applique.

Waverley Patchworkers Quilt Show


 The above example of sashiko using variegated thread prompted me to buy the thread at a stall later on!

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Australasian Quilt Convention 2016

This year's quilts were stunning as can it be possible to do better each year?  One can't really say they are better than previous years, but the creativity is just mindblowing.  I took heaps of photos as usual, and this is about half of them.  The rest still have to be edited on my computer before I can post them.
The highlight of the show had to be this enormous quilt which was made as a tribute to Steve Irwin.

These two were part of an exhibition of Red and White quilts.  There are more red and white quilts photos further along.

Paws and Whiskers was a challenge category for small quilts.   Lots of cute cats and dogs!

AQC 2016 continued

 The above quilt was appliqued using felt with embroidery.

 Love this Willow Plate quilt!

 Look closely at the above quilt - the maker has used crocheted doilies for the flowers in the centre panel.
 This liquorice allsorts is my absolute favourite this year!!

AQC 2016 continued

Here are some more photos of the quilts at this year's Convention.

This quilt showing Audrey Hepburn was difficult to make out until you stood right back, or looked at it through your camera lens.

This one had most people puzzled, it just looks like a jumble of red and white squares.  They stared at it for ages until somebody else who had figured it out, told them to look at it through their camera lens.  Then you realise it is a face of a famous actor.

 The information below refers to the quilt above.